LOJER - CAPRE FX5 Treatment Table

LOJER - CAPRE FX5 Treatment Table



LOJER - CAPRE FX5 Treatment Table



The Lojer Capre FX5 is an outstanding treatment table, with design and features to meet or exceed the needs ofeven the most demanding users. Its anatomically shaped two-colour upholstery supports the patient, and theelegant design makes the Lojer Capre FX5 a fine interior decoration element. The upholstery material is extremely durable and the antimicrobial fabric is also easy to clean, waterproof and has excellent disinfectant features.

The silent Lojer Capre FX5 takes up very little space as two pillars lift it straight up. Sturdy frame and two separatemotor pillars make the table extremely stable - Safe Working Load (SWL) is 250 kg. The table can also be used inthe chair position, thanks to the design of the lower frame. Versatile and easy to use adjustments, such as side-foldable armrests, gas spring assistance and electric hi-low feature, make therapist’s work easier. The steplessadjustable extension, and flexion angle of the foot section and multiple height settings help patients get on andoff the table.


Main features

  • Modern look with durable and stylish two-coloured upholstery
  • Sturdy frame and two separate motor pillars make the table extremely stable - Safe Working Load (SWL) of 250 kg
  • Side-foldable armrests together with other stunning accessories make the table versatile, ergonomic and easy to use



  • Double hinged head support
  • Drainage with gas spring
  • Drainage with electric assistance
  • Battery operation
  • Chromium frame tubing
  • Several cover options: wood imitation, stainless steel, glossy white, carbon fibre and black metal paint
  • Conventional upholstery (non-anatomic, same as in Capre F)
  • Paper roll holder (50 or 60 cm)
  • Face hole cover
  • Extra width upholstery 75 cm
  • Extra foot control
  • Extra hand control


Technical Data

Table width 55, 65, 75 cm
Overall length 202 cm
Heigh adjustment range 48..88cm
Foot section adjustment +70°..-12°
Total weight 120 kg

Safe Working Load (SWL)

250 kg
CE-marked Yes
Country of Manufacture Finland
Lower body section movement (3D) +21,5°/max -40° (vertical)
0..18° (horizontal)
0..20° (rotation)
0..8 cm (traction)
Foot support movement 0..85° ( vertical)
0..90° (foot rest tilt)
Safe working load (SWL) 150 kg
Total weight 170 kg
Electrical system (2 only push actuators) 24V
Country of Manufacture Finland